A little bit about me

I wanted to be a journalist because it’s the closest job you get to being 007. I know, it sounds silly, but as a kid I wanted to be a different thing every week. Two things always stayed the same, though: I always wanted to be a spy and I always wanted to write about my adventures.

Later on, I realised you get to be a lot of things as a journalist. If you were interviewing an engineer you got to peer in to that world and had to learn enough about that job and topic before your deadline. You also got to fill many job-shoes, it‘s all about what or who you’re writing about. And learning about all those people, topics, and telling others’ stories really makes me feel like the closest thing to 007. Just with a shaken and stirred pen in hand.

With writing, I can write about any subject; including fashion, beauty, psychology, food, technology, politics, décor, arts, pets, popular culture, etc. I worked in the copywriting industry for some time and know how to include SEO and all the marketing tools in my content. Everything to do with Google Analytics and Google Ads.

I previously worked as a reporter at the Pothefstroom Herald, at an online teen magazine as a sub-editor. Worked on some online blogs as an investigative journalist, and also paid my dues during my studies at the university radio station, PUKfm 93.6, as a reporter and news reader. I was news editor of the station from 2012 until 2015. I also done a lot of freelance work as a copywriter, creative/ content writer, designer, proofreader, and editor. Indeed, I have extensive knowledge in blogging, videography, web design, the full Adobe Suite, and as a social media strategist or digital marketing.

My friend and I learned to code for fun, I wanted to understand websites and social media a little better, and it’s great knowing what’s going down behind the scenes.

At the moment I am working as an Editor at a b2b/ b2c digital magazine company in Johannesburg.