Facebook Gaming now lets creators turn their gameplay clips into Reels

Facebook Gaming has rolled out a new Clips to Reels feature which allows content creators to turn their live gameplay clips into Reels. “In June, we announced Clips to Reels, a new feature for gaming video creators on Facebook to convert live gameplay clips into Reels, was starting to roll out. Now, we’re excited to share it is available to all partners and Level Up Creators,” said Facebook. This tool allows creators to trim clips down to 60 seconds long from their favourite live streams and p

Instagram is also testing a Notes feature, but it's not the same as Twitter's version

Instagram is working on a new update that allows users to post brief announcements on their profiles. The feature, called Notes, enables disappearing short messages under user profiles. According to TechCrunch, Instagram’s Notes can be shared with a list of Close Friends or mutual followers. In other words, followers who also follow you. Instagram is currently testing its new Notes feature with a limited set of users. Read more: Twitter Notes (or Articles) entering beta, could arrive in the co

Twitter Blue users on Android can now customise their Twitter layouts

Sometimes it pays to be a subscriber. Specifically, a Twitter Blue subscriber. Android users may now change the layout of the navigation bar in the Twitter Blue app. If the new centre-located Spaces icon annoys (it does), subscribers may now banish it from sight. And also rearrange the general look and feel how they see fit. The feature was previously confined to Blue users on iOS. The service’s new custom navigation function lets users determine the number of tabs. This is perfect for declutte


Mom, wife and businesswoman; is there anything she can’t do? “My mission: Fulfil God’s wishes – to be a supportive wife and mother, and make a positive impact on the working environment” said Bernice Smit Chief Operating Officer of Vovani Health. It’s 2020 and women are booming, more women than ever are sitting at the head of boardroom meetings, more women are fighting for what they want and according to an Oxford study conducted last year more women are attending university than men.

Our 7 favourite collaborative tools to use when working from home

Working remotely and collaboratively in the digital space is an increasingly practical option for both offices and client relationships. As a fully remote team, we’ve updated this article with our recommended collaborative online tools. In the midst of a global pandemic, the trend towards working remotely has been fast tracked and many businesses have been forced to go fully digital in a short space of time. But even in the most mundane of times, working from home has become an increasingly pra

Responding to being Friendzoned

We’ve all been there: that horrible place between high-fiving and hand-holding. THE FRIEND ZONE DA DA DAAAAM. So here it is: 9 sentence that probably mean you’re friend-zoned and how we think you should reply to them. 1. “You make me think of my Labrador” Sooooo does that mean I can lick you? Your abs to be specific. 2. “You’re like one of the guys!” Screw you great grandmother for my flat chest genes. 3. “Hey dude, can you give me the number of your model friend? The blonde one?” You mean

9 Really stupid Sentences people with depression are so over of hearing

I have to deal with depression. I also have to deal with the stupid stuff people say, because people don’t know shite about depression. Here are the 9 sentences people with depression are so sick of hearing: Sorry, I forgot to put on my emo face for you today, Carol. Sometimes it takes all my energy just to get out of bed. Does that count? 5. “Don’t take pills, you need to feel what life has dealt you.” Well yes, when you brain chemicals work the way they should, then sure. In total brain c

What it feels like having depression at 17 (and why it makes you a warrior princess)

Every 5th person you pass by battles with depression. Miana is 17, she loves chocolate milkshakes and creating art and she also happens to be that 5th person. Miana* was diagnosed with depression at 15 – the age where you should be coping with your aching crush on Zayn Malik and his disgustingly pretty face, NOT with the terror of depression. But depression does not give a fuc … – oid. A fucoid, people. Brown algae that depression does not care about. Just like depression does not care about

Potchefstroomer brings Zille to tears with personal sketch

Potchefstroom-based freelance artist, Pogiso (Pjay) Motubatsi brought Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, to tears when he presented her with a framed pencil-sketched portrait of herself. Zille was an honoured guest at a book launch at Cape Town-based NPO Selesian Life Choices on Friday, 30 June. The 34 year old Motubatsi is one of 20 artists who were illustrated in the Cape Town Youth Book. ‘Being from a small town like Potch and being illustrated in a book in Cape Town is a huge deal for me,
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