10 Signs you’ve been single for too long

You’re probably still in your teens, but I’m almost reaching that age where when you see a handsome, smart and kind gentleman, you want to put a toddler in his arms. In the wise words of The Queen (Beyoncé): “If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.” He could always just take me out for a burger with some onion rings on it. Or something like that. So without any further ado (except that you have to play Beyoncé’s song as a backtrack to this article), here’s the 10 signs you’ve been si

The 11 different types of guys you may date

I like to categorise my men. Like shoes. So here’s my summary of all the frogs I’ve thought of kissing – for the sake of keeping you up to date with all the guys out there that might not end up in happily-ever-after-our-first-date. This relationship probably started when you guys shared a pizza while watching The Avengers and then you had too much adrenaline and you ended up making out. The next day was probably super awkward, but then it happens again (and again). Then he probably started text

Our 7 favourite collaborative tools to use when working from home

Working remotely and collaboratively in the digital space is an increasingly practical option for both offices and client relationships. As a fully remote team, we’ve updated this article with our recommended collaborative online tools. In the midst of a global pandemic, the trend towards working remotely has been fast tracked and many businesses have been forced to go fully digital in a short space of time. But even in the most mundane of times, working from home has become an increasingly pra