Our 7 favourite collaborative tools to use when working from home

Working remotely and collaboratively in the digital space is an increasingly practical option for both offices and client relationships. As a fully remote team, we’ve updated this article with our recommended collaborative online tools. In the midst of a global pandemic, the trend towards working remotely has been fast tracked and many businesses have been forced to go fully digital in a short space of time. But even in the most mundane of times, working from home has become an increasingly pra

A true warrior never stops fighting

She was 21 years old when she first started seeing things − things she could never unsee and that still haunt her to this day. Carla Mouton is a 23-year-old Honours student at the NWU Potchefstroom campus who tries to live a normal life as an aspiring journalist, blogger, photographer and mental health advocate. But living a normal life while suffering from a number of mental health issues is nearly impossible. Carla lives with general anxiety disorder and Bipolar disorder II with psychotic sym

13 Things guys just love saying to girls (and we hate it)

“What the hell did you just say? Would you like to reconsider that statement, because it was just demeaning, sexist and downright rude, dude! Didn’t your parent teach you any manners!? Don’t answer that. Rather just stop talking.. just stop.” Sometimes guys say things to you and you’re just like “Why are you so stupid? And please tell me where all the pro-gender-equality man-sugar is at, because I’d like to go there NOW. Right now.” 1. “Is it that time of the month again?” Let’s just think a